Common Brother Printer issues and solutions

Printers are one of the most important work tools in many businesses and offices. Therefore, any small failure they may have can disrupt our workflow. Although they are annoying, errors are usually due to a wrong configuration or lack of knowledge of all the functionalities of the printing or multifunction devices.

For the most part, Brother Printers are very compact MFPs with a tiny screen and difficulties in displaying any errors or terms completely.

That is why the manufacturer has created a series of codes that are easier to appear on the screens and meaning for a specific error. There can also be an error for the brother printer password.

Because a printer should always be synonymous with productivity.

Having a printer in the office or at home only means one thing: that you are in an environment where productivity, quality, and print speed are the goal. That is why the fact of encountering any obstacle in the performance of your daily tasks can become a real nightmare.

For that reason, here is given a list of common printing problems -with their possible solutions- so that you never have to experience any of these problems.

# 1 Errors in configuration

Hard to believe, one of the major printing errors has nothing to do with ink cartridges or toner compatibility but rather irregularities in printer settings.

For example, installing some programs or updates might change your computer’s default printer selection. To solve it, restore it through the “Control Panel” of the PC. You can solve the issue of the Brother Printer default password setting from the control panel.

# 2 unprinted stripes or spaces

This is a common mistake in printers that work with dye inkjet technology.

To fix this and get your equipment back to original print quality with sharp edges without streaks or smudges, go to the ‘maintenance’ section of your device and order ahead alignment.

If the problem is in the color tones, choose “clean” your ink cartridges, and that’s it! Remember to do this now and then to keep your printer 100% error-free.

# 3 Connection problems with mobile devices

Many users complain that they have printing equipment compatible with mobile printing but do not connect to their handheld devices.

While blaming technology can be tempting, the truth is that, in most cases, this is due to misuse of this feature. Although a printer works through mobile printing, it needs to connect to the smart device (Smartphone or tablet) through an application compatible with it.

For Apple, the app to download is Air Print and, for Android devices, Google Cloud Print. Many brands have also released free applications to establish a connection. The free connection is between handheld devices and their printers, as in HP, Canon, and Brother.

Select the alternative you like the most and print from anywhere you are.

# 4 A mismatched impression

There is nothing more annoying than sending a file to the print train and realizing it is wrong or incomplete. But this, more than a problem, is a detail that has a simple solution.

When the dimensions of your print do not fit the output paper, you should:

· Activate the preview option to check how the printed document would look from your computer screen

· Select the page number or group of pages properly to print

· Before finishing, click on the “fit to page” or similar checkbox and check the paper orientation.

# 5 unnecessary waste of ink and toner cartridges

The life of ink and toner cartridges has nothing to do with their original or compatible condition but rather with how consumers use them.

Extend the time to replace consumables by taking advantage of every one of your printing equipment characteristics. The characteristics are the creation of ink management profiles, printing in draft mode, or monochrome printing (black and white only). You will see that this way, you will enjoy the ink for a longer time.

#6 Computer setup issues and printer day-to-day issues

Common problems in companies are when the printer does not print on the network. For this, a diagnosis is performed, and the printing problem is solved by Ethernet cable or WIFI.

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