How to Fix Epson Printer offline on Mac Issue?

Epson communication error

In the article, we’ll identify what could be wrong with a Mac device to determine why the Epson printer isn’t functioning according to the specifications. What can you do when you notice that you find the Epson printer is offline on MacOS? We will examine all the possible reasons the Epson printer is not working when using MacOS and try to figure out a solution to resolve the issue. In the event that this article fails to address the entire issue, it is possible to look up other specific items for your particular situation on our site. We are here to help you to get your printer in operation Epson communication error and functioning as the one you purchased.

  • Mac has recently received an update.
  • Because of the issue of update compatibility, the printer drivers may be completely removed.
  • Your printer may not be compatible with MacOS at all.
  • A device that’s not compatible could have caused a problem with kernel extensions in MacOS.
  • The printer is equipped with strong hinges that allow papers may be jammed in it, however, you’d not realize until you open the doors of the printer.
  • The printer’s ink could have been spilled inside and resulted in a malfunctioning chip in the hardware. It could be a challenge for your computer to recognize the presence of your printer, or even connect to the devices. Could also harm the USB ports when the printer is experiencing internal short circuit problems.
  • The Wi-Fi of your printer isn’t connected to the central router or it isn’t paired to your Mac in any way.
  • The printer has blocked requests from your Mac machine.
  • Mac might view that printer’s presence as a threat, and might have removed the printer in the system driver configuration.
  • It is possible that the USB port on your Mac may not function properly.
  • Support software isn’t properly installed in MacOS.
  • Mac has been updated into an out-of-compatibility version, resulting in permanent malfunctioning of the printer that is compatible with this machine.
  • The printer’s address could not be visible via the network by the Mac.
  • It could be because the software that supports your device not being compatible. If that is the situation, you must download the latest support software via the Epson website and install it using administrator or super user rights.
  • If you suspect that the software that supports your Epson printer isn’t available in the MacOS version you have just upgraded, you may need to upgrade the MacOS in order to continue to use your printer.
  • If you have installed the latest drivers but the printer is not functioning, you may be required to contact the printer manufacturer to conduct an additional examination.
  • MacOS may be affected by driver issues that may be caused by upgrading the OS. In this case, you may need to format your device with USB installer and do this without recovering the backup to your time machine.

What can you do? Third-party applications are interfering with printing’s functionality:

  • Certain programs may not work to print documents.
  • In these cases, it is possible to uninstall applications that have been identified by Apple as incompatible applications.
  • When you have removed these applications, you are able to try printing using apps that print Pages and Previews.
  • Make sure you select the correct printer prior to clicking the printer button.

I hope that this article was useful to resolve any Epson printer offline issue with your MacOS. If the issue isn’t resolved at the moment, please reach out to our Customer Support Executive.




As an IT Manager I have been working in Goprintersetup since 8yrs.So I can give expert level of answer regarding your all IT related queries.

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As an IT Manager I have been working in Goprintersetup since 8yrs.So I can give expert level of answer regarding your all IT related queries.

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