How To Troubleshoot Epson Printer Communication Error?

The communication error on the printer is one of the common issues. Your Epson device can get into communication error when it can’t understand the command. This error occurs when the user hasn’t installed the driver or the driver is not working. But some users reported that they are getting communication errors when the driver is running correctly. You can inspect the reasons behind communication errors and then seek solutions.

Install Epson printer driver

When you have connected the printer to a new PC and are facing the communication error then check for the printer driver. Your Epson will take the print command when you install the driver. Epson driver is the bridge that will take the command from your PC and deliver it to the printer. If your computer doesn’t have a driver then you have to install one. Check for the Epson CD. Copy your setup and then run it on the system. When a user can’t use the CD then he can install the setup from the site directly. Search for the Epson driver of your model and install it. Now reconnect your PC to the printer. Give a print command and check for Epson communication error.

Inspect the driver

Some users are facing communication errors even when they have a driver. The user should inspect his Epson driver for the new update. If the driver is outdated then it may show the communication error from time to time. You can go to the programs folder to check the Epson software. Right-click on the program and hit the update option. If the update for the Epson driver is available then install it. When the error on the driver is occurring due to corrupted files then repair your driver. You can use repair tools on the system. Users can reinstall the driver also. Go to the driver and then uninstall from the system. Again, go to the Epson website and reinstall it on the device. Now reconnect your printer and check for your error.

Reconnect the Epson printer

Users can get a Communication Error Epson when the printer gets into connection issues. This error usually appears on wireless connections. While connecting the printer; check the WPS pin on the router. If the physical WPS pin is not available on the router then you can connect the printer to the network by using the standard connection method. But when you are using the WPS method then you should try restarting it. Disable the WPS and then wait for some time. Enable the WPS button and now press the Wi-Fi button on the Epson printer. From the list choose your network and your printer will get connected to the device. Go to your computer and now check the status. When the error is appearing on a wired printer connection they use another cable to connect the printer.

Run Windows 10 printer troubleshooter

You can face communication errors due to some system printer file related issues. Running the printer troubleshooter will find the files which are causing the error on your printer. Open the Update and Security page on Windows 10 and now go to the troubleshooter tab. Run your printer troubleshooter and then check for an Epson printer communication error.

Clean the printhead

Your printer can show you the error when its printhead is not working. The printhead of every printer is needed to clean regularly otherwise you will get the error while taking the printout. Users can clean the printhead of the Epson device by using the utility tool. Using this tool will remove the dried ink from the printhead. Before running the utility tool on the system you have to check for the ink out light. Run the tool when the ink out light is off.

  1. Open the Epson program
  2. Click on the Utility tab
  3. Hit on the Head Cleaning

Follow the given on-screen commands and the power light of our printer will start blinking. After completing the cleaning; the power lamp will stop blinking. Now take a test print on the system and check for Epson communication error. When the user can’t troubleshoot the communication error manually then he can contact the Epson technical team for help.

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